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released January 4, 2011



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ARMADA Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Palestine
So light the fires of war
In divine revenge
Oh don't you get the fucking irony?
Your so much like them
Track Name: Houses
This city is replicating
A plague among us that rots our skin
Streets of worms fill the houses of apples
They ate it all, now there's just the core
And all these kids are just like leeches on my skin
And they suck, suck, suck
Till i have to give in

I'm just a drunk punk lost in the world
Wandering the streets
I'm just a drunk punk fucked in the head
Waiting for the day when we all wind up dead
Track Name: All My Friends Are Dead
"They don't got beer? Then fuck that show!"
"If i can't get fucked up then i won't go!"

Only the good die young
With vomit in their lungs
Choking on their own tongues
Snorting cocaine every night
All my friends are dead
Track Name: Grotesque
Something dark writhes inside you
Whats your sign? A shallow ideal?
When the lights go out
I hope they find you
Your the regret. Shit in plain view

Your a god damned son of a bitch
Your burning bridges on your ego trip
Track Name: Shit Tongue
Put your fucking fist in the ground
And keep your shit tongue behind your mouth
Your pretty boy tough guy stance makes me sick
Your one step away from being a frat boy hick

And these words will light a fucking fire in your skull
And you'll sing along with your fist in the air
Because your so goddamn hardcore
And you'll never get it
Track Name: Football Season Is Over
It's a middle class apocalypse
Everything is in its right place
All the kids are so fine
Nothing to do but wait to fucking die

So fucking bored we'll attack
Just stick the knife in their backs

All the kids we knew are going off to die
To fight their fathers' wars
This town will kill us all tonight