Relics II


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released May 27, 2010



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ARMADA Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: School Spirit
Sports, sports, sports!! Touchdown!
Cut your funding to pay for our uniforms
Oh your an artist? Useless!
We don't need your kind here

So just shut the fuck up and fall in line
And don't expect to learn to read or fucking write

Our students are dumb as shit but at least our team is winning
And don't get us started on those filthy inner city kids
Track Name: Unsound
Rotten Teeth
Rotten Mouth
Soiled Teeth
Rotten Mouth

Stick your fingers in the dirt
Grab the demon by its horns
Track Name: No Rescue Ships
Oh so you've churned out another hit
And its the same old shit
That we've heard over and over again
Your metal pop mallcore noise
Is a fucking joke
Yes I hate you
And I hate your band
Anger fills my head

Machinated melody
Get big or die trying
I'll pull the fucking trigger
On your decrepit caricature
Of what I stand for
I avoid your fucking noise at all costs
Anger fills my head

You're commandeering ships
That you don't know how to sail
You set yourself up big
Then you cry when you fail
Bitch and piss and moan
You're everything we fucking hate
I'll say it once again
You'll never fucking get us
Track Name: Give Up
Checks have been written in blood and oil
Dead man Reagan's signed them all

A narcissistic voice cries, "Drill baby drill!"
Only greed is king in the land of free will

And all the people are crying for blood
If the body count rises
They'll never give up
Track Name: Words On Deaf Ears
What the fuck happened to you?
You used to stand for something
You used to have ideals
Now I don't know
What filled up your head
What happened to the anger in you?

So get the hell out of my way
If you're not in this with us
Run down streets haunt precariously
I've got the black spot and they're following me
When the sun disappears
Light gives way to nightmares

Why do my words always fall on deaf ears?
The choir screams
But they no longer hear
Assaulted by those too naive to admit
When the buildings collapse the flames
Will ignite the greedy bastards

When they come for you
Do not hesitate
Hunted by the ones that capitalize
Decade after decade after decade
Until this means war
Track Name: No Expectations
Don't get no respect from no one
I save none for myself

Couldn't give a shit if I tried
About family, friends, or self
Took all my expectations
And threw them to hell

God's in his heaven and everyone's dying
Universal hatred, I'm compulsively lying
No faith in love, no hope for the future
My wounds are open and I've thrown out the suture

Get it through your fucking head