Songs for Bastards


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released November 12, 2011



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ARMADA Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Song for Bastards
I can't shake this off
I'm burning bridges with a tireless torch
Watching friends' ambitions fall apart
While you were the one who fucked it up

Your love turned to loss
When i lost someone
Your passion turned to cost
When we said fuck the rest

It's all about money
It's all about fame
It's all about the glory
So you kicked your friends in the fucking face
Track Name: Refuge
How long has it been since I could sleep
Since you took over- 150,000 and still nothing
A civilian rebellion and still you won't move

It's you
It's you
It's you
It's you who fucking did this

I could not believe my eyes and ears
When I heard and saw
"Oh fuck the teachers and the poor"
"They don't pay their own, right?"
Tax the poor
Until they can't stand up
Corporate kickbacks created this mess
It's you
Track Name: Smoke in Your Eyes
Smoke in your eyes
It's not like you were ever right
Smoke in your eyes
It's not like you were ever right

Every fucking minute
You buy your shit
You show your views
Through commercial tattoos

It's on your hands, it's on your face
A bottle of wine and I'm the disgrace
Hive mind mentality at its best
Holy shit, it's Milwaukee's Best
Charlie manson would be so proud
To have you under his damn cloud
Track Name: We All Float Down Here
Every single day
It's stuck in my brain
It's not like i had a choice
When i was born
Everything was lost
At such a cost
To everyone that could have fucking cared anymore

It's not you
it's not me
it's not you
it's just apathy

And when I walk down the streets of shit
I remember that this is the end
Track Name: Shipwrecks
It's not that I haven't tried
Eacn day imploding
Each day I fight
The battles in my head
The shipwrecks of dread
Every morning is a struggle just to get out of bed

It's a terror in your heart and the struggles that you feel
That turn men into boys with wounds that never heal
It's not that I haven't tried
Track Name: Zealots Exist
Preacher man on the stand
Guilt. Pay.
Use their faith to get your cash
Culture shift? Must be Satan
Blame it on the heathen, gay, muslim, activists

Zealots exist
Zealots exist east and west

I’m tired of this militant athiest bullshit
Faith is not the root of every evil
Consumed by fire
Humans all know
It’s not like we’ve ever been wrong before
Have you learned nothing?
Have you learned nothing from the sins of our fathers?
Track Name: Dissenters
Every fucking day is exactly the same
Tax the poor, suck the rich
Who's left to blame?
Dissenters? You're left behind along with debt
'Cause who wants the military anyways
Who am I in this?

A second thought
A minimal recluse
I've kept my mind
I've kept my use
A second thought
A minimal recluse

With this
I will destroy you
With this hammer
I will destroy
Call me the commie, I know you want to

And I wonder how you sleep at night
Buried under all of my friends
And i wonder how you sleep at night
And i wonder when you will shut up
Track Name: Ache
I'm a bleeding heart and a growing cavity
I'm a broken home and a street of empty churches
And we all just wait for the time to pass by us
I just want time to fly right by now

So i don't feel like a ghost no more
So i don't have to forget how to feel anymore

What's love in a dead year romance?
What's grief when you're deaf from the sirens?
What's silence when your mouth is always open?
What's love when death is always silent?
Track Name: Straight Face
I lay in my bed till 12pm
Nothing makes sense and I don't want to move
My bank account is empty despite full weeks of work
Where did all my time go and where are all my friends

I punched in the clock
So you can buy a yacht
No way out, you pushed me back

Every morning every day it's all the fucking same
Putting on a straight face for minimum wage

Bitch and moan about all your taxes
I'm the one who just pays your wages
Fuck this job I quit
Track Name: Excess
Oh God, I woke up hungover again
I promised myself this would not happen
Day after day
I failed like the bastard I am

They pick and hack and poke and scrape
Amazed at inhumanity

I watch as these bastards
Push me closer to the edge

Life has become just work and sleep
Work and sleep and work and drink

Caused by faith in currency